Business Prospectus

MSSK started sugar production by devising its plant with 1250 tons crushing per day (TCD) in 1979.

We had agile expansions, first in 1986 of 2000 TCD, second in 1991 of 2500 TCD, third in 1999 of 3500 TCD and the recent one of 5000 TCD in 2014.

Our Sugar plant is incorporated completely to process sugarcane, produce sugar and its by-products with Distillation plant, Alcohol Production and Cogeneration Plant.

MSSK generated annual Sales Turnover of INR 355 crores in 2017-18.


  • According to Sugar Standards, every batch of sugarcane that goes for crushing is first tested and then approved.
  • Our plants have a crushing capacity of 8,00,000 MTPAor 5,000 TCD for 160 days with production of 80 Lakh quintals high quality sugar.
  • We have consistently recorded an average sugar recovery in between 10 to 13 %.
  • MSSK have crushed 11.47 Lakh M.T Sugarcane in season 2017-18 which is the highest sugarcane crushing of a season since commencement of the sugar factory.
  • In 2017-2018, we generated Sales Turnover of INR 323 crores.


  • Distillation plant was setup in 1991 and is the best business making division of MSSK following sugar.
  • Our last year 2017-18’s Sales Turnover was INR 10.48 Crores of this Division.
  • We have capacity of distilling 30 kiloliters per day (KLPD) of Rectified Spirits and 20 KLPD of Extra Neutral Alcohol.


  • First Co-generation plant of 16 Mw. was introduced in the year 2006. We have induced the second plant of 14 in 2017.
  • We have installed bagasse optimum cogeneration plants with a total installed capacity of about 30 MWfrom 2 plants, under the scheme on bagasse cogeneration to generate electricity and export.
  • Both plant generates 28 MWof electricity from which 11 MW is used in house; the surplus energy of 17 MW is exported to the Government of Maharashtra, (MERC).
  • Co-generation plant used in house for sugar production with Turnover of more than INR 21 crores.