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Story of 4 Decades

The Cooperative Sugar Industry is a prime need of a rural development and growth. With a motive of basic socio-economic development of farmers. Founder Hon.Yashwantrao Gadakh Patil (Ex. Member of Parliament) taken motivated the farmers to contribute in Equity for proposed sugar Plant. After long hard work of promoters, the golden day in the lives of farmers had risen on 27/02/1970 for obtaining registration of farmers’ owned sugar factory. Initially1250 TCD Capacity Industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum (IEM) was approved on 05/03/1974 from Industrial Dept. of Central Govt. The first trial season was operated from 14th Jan 1979 and which was run up to  6th April 1979. In the said season 56188 M.T Sugarcane was crushed and produced 58067 qtl. Sugar. Further in order to explore the need of cane growers, initial capacity was expanded from time to time which was now 5000 TCD.

Hon. Yashwantrao Gadakh have altruistic and progressive dreams for Newasa, after efficacious establishment of sugar factory, the second big success was establishment of 30KLPD Distillation and 20KLPD ENA plant in 1991; immediately opening gates for further triumph of factory with Spirit, Extra Neutral Alcohol Production department by manufacturing Alcohol in 1991.

In 1993, Hon.Shankarrao Gadakh resolutely took it upon himself to help the factory alleviate new heights. He knew his father’s dream and coddling those as his own by keeping his father’s words and ideologies at heart; he worked relentlessly.

Hon.Shankarrao Gadakh introduced himself as a Chairman and his move proved to be a crucial change maker in the drought worn situation of Newasa, not just for the farmers but also the local masses.

Another colossal feat by Hon.Shankarrao Gadakh was installing a 16 Mw. Co-generation plant in 2006 and second 14 Mw. plant in 2017 with combined electricity generation of 30 MW.

The Operational area of the factory infertile, well irrigated and high cane intensity region of Maharashtra. MSSK is one of the leading integrated sugarcane processing cooperative sugar factory in India having 5000 TCD Sugar plant, 30 KLPD Distillery and 30 Mw. Bagasse based Co-generation Power plant.

This sugar factory is capable to render all essential requirement to Cane growers, who are involve in growing sugarcane. Factory has providing various incentive schemes for cane development, Natural manure in terms of compost, seeding, insecticide dose guidelines and various technical information to farmers, Factory is efficiently running with all modern technique in process, management of saving water, electricity and controlling losses, getting quality final product sugar and by product in market to achieve attractive prices.

Our continuous and often pioneering efforts to harness the full potential of sugarcane has enabled to us expand our portfolio sugar and beyond sugar to include ethanol (fuel) project in upcoming season.

MSSK became a mother institute of Mula Education Society, Mula Cooperative Bank, Mula Cooperative Consumer Society etc. for taking the consideration of giving good quality education, services and satisfaction of all, sustain the quality and availability in rural area. This all concerns are doing good work in their fields.

Today, MSSK has completed more than 48 years in the industry, this was only possible with the immense support of more than 40,000 cane farming families with 17,000 Cane Farming shareholders. For a co-operative factory, the most important asset are the people who work for it and at MSSK they are not just workers, farmers, staff but people who are responsible for making what MSSK is today.


To be the most revered and responsible Integrated Cooperative Sugar Factory with standard impressions, delivering sustainable value to the people.


  • To provide better services and facilities to cane growers, employees and consumers.
  • To earn trust of our consumers by yielding superior experience and value.
  • To step out for reduction of pollution to improve environmental conditions and thereby achieve area development.
  • Driving ambitiousness by operating our businesses at benchmark levels.

Mile Stone

Trial season of 1250 TCD Sugar plant 14th January 1979
1st Expansion of Sugar Plant to 2000 TCD 09th December 1986
2nd Expansion of Sugar Plant to 2500 TCD 25th September 1991
Starting of Distillation Plant
3rd Expansion of Sugar Plant to 3500 TCD 21st January 1999
Starting of 16 Mw Cogeneration Plant December 2006
4th Expansion of Sugar Plant to 5000 TCD 25th September 2014
1st Expansion of Co-generation Plant to 30 Mw 1st November 2017